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What is the make-up policy?

Families are allowed three makeups per session. Makeups for each class are available at any location run by Valley Cat Music. Make-ups may not be carried over to subsequent semesters and are non-transferrable. Please use the makeup scheduler on the valleycatmusic.com website to ensure there is space for you and your child(ren).

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your enrollment and receive a refund or credit less a $25 cancellation fee any time PRIOR to the start of the semester. No refunds after the first day of classes (except as noted next); credits will be considered and the amount will depend upon number of missed classes. Non-attendance does not constitute a cancellation. If you are having trouble getting to class, please alert the director ASAP. NOTE: Teachers are subject to change or substitution at any time.

What is the minimum/maximum enrollment per class?

The minimum enrollment is five to six children, and the maximum is twelve children, so there will be anywhere from 11 to 25 people in your class (more when both parents, nannies, and relatives attend). If your class does not meet the minimum enrollment, you will be placed in your second choice class. If it's full and there is no other open class you are able to attend, then you may receive a refund (minus fees for materials and any classes that have already taken place). Remember, you can save your favorite class time by telling your friends about it!

Who can come to class?

Extra parents, grandparents or caregivers are welcome to attend the class at any time–-no need to ask unless your class is already full. If your older child has a school holiday, please check with the director to ensure there's space that day before bringing her or him to class. Whole-family music making is extremely valuable to your child's musical development, and we love it when more than one family member can join the fun. Sibling drop-ins are $20 for siblings under 10 (10+ are considered caregivers). Out-of-town visitors are $25 per drop-in, and permission is required to ensure there is space. See Drop-in Policy for more info.

Can we eat in class?

Nursing moms are welcome to breastfeed (or bottle-feed) at any time, but please do not bring other food or drink into classrooms. Non-spill sippy cups may be used after class, but please use them away from the activities to avoid inspiring other children to take sips from your child's cup. Please respect the fact that a few of the children have severe food allergies which can be triggered simply by the presence of certain foods in the room.

Can we bring our own instruments/toys/stuffed animals to class?

Please try to leave toys of any kind in the car as they can become a distraction for the other children. We make exceptions for transitional objects (loveys!) and, of course, pacifiers for infants. The class works best when every “object” is available to everyone.

What if my child is sick?

A runny nose, even clear, a cough or a temperature constitutes illness. Please consider the other families in your class when your child exhibits any of the aforementioned symptoms by keeping your child at home until three (3) days after the symptoms subside. Please use your allotted makeup days after a missed sick day.

What is my role in class?

Children are biologically wired to respond most to those with whom they have close bonds, so your role is to sing, dance, and be silly! Your active participation is the key to your children learning and growing musically. Support the creation of a music-only environment by not talking to your children or other adults during the 45 minutes (try singing your message instead!). It is difficult for a young child to ignore adult conversation, so please wait to socialize until after class. Refrain from giving verbal or manipulative directions, such as "Bang the drum” or holding your child's hand and hitting the drum for them; even suggesting a color for them to use can affect creativity. Children respond best by just seeing and hearing you doing (and enjoying) it yourself! Wandering toddlers are fine, but If you want your child to come back to you, avoid calling to him from across the room. If necessary, redirect your child physically back to you or the circle. Of course watch out for your child’s safety, but mostly your job is just to relax and have fun!

How should we use the materials?

Play CDs at home and in the car as often as possible, especially during the first few weeks of class. Make it available to your child to listen to while she is playing or before nap or bedtime. Use songbooks to help you remember the songs or to play along if you play an instrument. Try using the songbook at storytime instead of a regular book, and sing through the songs as you go along. Looking at the printed notes on the page will help children understand that music is something that can be read, like words. Familiarization with notation will help them when they are more ready for formal music instruction.

Feel free to visit the online FAQ at any time for this and additional information. Thank you! We look forward to making music with your family. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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